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My BookWyrm account, follow to see what I'm reading. Minimalist in progress, e-reader, introvert, nerdy, skeptic. I don't leave without my Kobo. I mainly read sci-fi/fantasy, with or without romance. Public Libraries are awesome! Mastodon:

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Atlas Alone (2019, Ace Books) 5 stars

Atlas Alone is a 2019 science fiction novel by British writer Emma Newman. It was …

Intense and thrilling, for game lovers

5 stars

This book takes place 6 months after the events of Planetfall #2 ("After Atlas"). We have Dee as our main character and she gets unknowingly involved in a suspected murder inside the colony ship. As we know from the previous book, Dee is an avid gamer, and she soon joins elite game servers, or "leets" where the gamers real life abilities are represented in game, making these games extremely challenging. This is another unputdownable book by Emma Newman with virtual reality immersive games, discussions about AI and consciousness, corporate indenture, social justice and revenge. It's all intertwined with the main character's journey confronting her traumatic past while she investigates and plans for the future. It's intense, thrilling and has the ending was breath taking.