"A standalone adventure featuring a band of female mercenaries in the world of Kings of …


4 stars

I struggle with my opinion of Eames' books; like Orkonomics, it's sort-of comic fantasy. Well, I really like Discworld books, so this should be an easy fit? Except for me I don't always gel well with the humour for reasons I can't quite explain.

Re-reading Hearts of the Wyld helped before starting Bloody Rose. This one feels more serious. Again, harkening to Discworld, like some of Pterry's later work where he corrects injustices. I wonder if it's inspiration. The world is getting a bit more fleshed out, with some people from the first book returning as secondary characters. Towards the end everything feels quite blurry though - a Marvel-style everyone fighting and dying and surviving all at once.

I'm also missing a lot of jokes again, I'm sure. It took me a while to realise why red hair die came from hucknall beans.

Getting four stars for being an enjoyable romp that I read quickly. Recommended to others if you e.g. really enjoy Soul Music, but aren't expecting high literature.