Daughter Of The Sea

eBook, 349 pages

English language

Published by Endeavour Press.

3 stars (1 review)

It's 1579. Maria, abandoned on a desert island, gives birth to Mary - Francis Drake's daughter. Mother and daughter are captured by pirates and eventually sold as slaves on the spice island of Ternate. To help her daughter escape, Maria sells her to a Chinese sea-captain. While the sea breaks relentlessly on the shore Mary forges a new life for herself - a life where adventure, love and family loyalties all play a part.

1 edition

Pretty good, but with irritating aspects

3 stars

I've had my copy of Daughter Of The Sea for nearly two and a half years now which makes it one of my two oldest ARCs, both by a good two years over everything else. Oops! I finally got around to reading the novel now because it will be my Oldest ARC entry for the 2018 State Of The ARC Bingo which will start with July's post. I also discovered when putting this review post together that Maggie Freeman was born and grew up in Trinidad so I have been putting off an unusual WorldReads book - without even knowing it!

Daughter Of The Sea is primarily set in Elizabethan era Indonesia and Malaysia and I enjoyed the scenes set in these countries, especially the bustling Malaysian port of Melaka. Freeman manages to bring the town and its people vividly to life and I felt seeing Mary striving to make …


  • Historical fiction