Amici virtu@li

La realtà del social network, la realtà di tutti i giorni.


Italian language

Published by Gruppo Editoriale Raffaello.

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Moving is already an adventure if you then add new companions, mothers who control you too much, wrong shoes, everything becomes even more difficult. This is what happens to Marco who, having recently moved to the city, not only doesn't know anyone but doesn't even have the internet and for this reason he feels cut off from the world.

However, thanks to a video published online by a stranger, despite himself, he will immediately become popular.

And for Dragan, Anna, Miliça and even for Francesco Marco he will no longer be invisible. But is it sometimes better to be popular or invisible? Or rather be like Xorro, who thanks to his secret identity feels like a superhero? And how much are superheroes willing to risk their secret identity to help a true friend in need?

1 edition


  • Social Network
  • Juvenile fiction
  • School Life