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Happy book launch day to @kjhealy and @marionfourcade whose The Ordinal Society has been keeping me up late reading and rereading and following references:


If you have feelings about how financialization and omnipresent networks affect humans and societies, I can't rec this highly enough—look at this TOC!


It's also so tightly and cleanly argued—the authors make that look easy and it's not. A real joy.

Content warning Seeking a Children's book - piece of wood that looks like a horse

A city at peace in a world at war. ‘The Stockholm Run’ is a fast-paced thriller set in Scotland and Sweden during World War Two. It uses many real settings transported back in time.

Stockholm’s Grand Hotel was known during the war as ‘the listening post of Europe’ and is visited by Bob and Monique. This modern photograph shows a building that, though in some ways changed since they were here in 1943, would be recognised by them.

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The day when you take the achievement snatched from many year's of precious spare time moments, put on a cover & upload it to bookstores.

I'm there with epic book 3/3 in my debut trilogy, and sad to let these beautiful, , characters and the found family they made go.

With this book, I pushed my ability to plot a complex, multi-civilisation conflict to its limits.

I loved every bit of it. I hope some of you do too.


Book #19: Vajra Chandrasekera, The Saint of Bright Doors

An incredibly imaginative novel with a setting that feels very south Asian and a plot that has elements that feel like a retelling of some myth. I thought it was great - on best of the year list. Highly recommended.

Relentless pursuit and a grisly murder. ‘Hide and Seek’ is a fast-paced thriller set in Stirling Castle and more widely across Scotland during World War Two. It uses many real settings, transported eight decades back in time.

This modern image shows the Douglas Gardens in Stirling Castle which play a central role in the story as the location of a murder that takes place during a secret meeting of intelligence officers.

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