Alix E. Harrow: The Ten Thousand Doors of January (Paperback, 2020, Redhook) 4 stars

Enero Demico es una joven curiosa que vive en una extensa mansión llena de objetos …

Decent read, maybe best appreciated by younger readers

No rating

I found this book interesting enough to finish (bear in mind I drop 75% of the books I pick up).The dual(ish) timeline kept the plot from being completely linear, and the prose was very readable.

January didn’t appeal to me as a character. She didn’t strike me as someone who learns from experience, even if (vague spoiler) some of that might be due to external influences. It seemed the other characters were either there to help her (that being their whole purpose in life), or to be villainously villainous. This probably reflects a young target readership.

Overall, a decent read, though I probably won’t pick it up again.