The Raven Tower

Hardcover, 416 pages

English language

Published Nov. 24, 2019 by Orbit.

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5 stars (3 reviews)

The Raven Tower is a 2019 fantasy novel by Ann Leckie. Her first fantasy novel, it is based on the story of Hamlet. The novel recounts the story of Mawat, a prince seeking to overthrow his usurper uncle and regain his rightful place as the servant of a local god. He is accompanied by Eolo, his loyal retainer. The story is told by a nature deity in both a first-person narrative and a second-person narrative.

3 editions

A first/second-person narrative of gods and men

4 stars

I thought this book was pretty good, though it has a bit of a rough start. Once you get past the initial part and get used to the first/second person narrative it becomes much better. It's also not a particular long story, but the characters, especially the Strength and Patience of the Hill, are cool.

I can recommend this as a quick jump into Ann Leckie's works, particularly if you are more interested in fantasy than her usual science fiction.

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5 stars
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5 stars