Book One of the Interloper Trilogy

English language

Published Nov. 4, 2021 by Independently Published.

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Unusual weird horror SF

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An interesting post-apocalyptic adventure where it seems dangerous to even properly comprehend the nature of the major threat. It’s written in present tense with a loosely omniscient third person viewpoint. I found that presentation odd though I guess it fits with certain questions and ambiguities about the nature of self and other.

The writing was generally tidy and easy to understand, though I tripped over a few typos (mainly homonyms). The characters (Bear, and those he meets along the way) were all distinct, with their own backgrounds, attitudes and secrets. I can’t say I felt particularly drawn towards any of them. Perhaps a good thing since some of their experiences are unpleasant, and I probably wouldn’t want to be in their heads for those.

I’m not sure I understood the explanations the ever-curious Bear uncovered about what was happening, never mind whether they were true or not. The ending isn’t …