Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn

Paperback, 435 pages

English language

Published Nov. 20, 1993 by Wordsworth Classics.

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4 stars (1 review)

Tom Sawyer, a shrewd and adventurous boy, is as much at home in the respectable world of his Aunt Polly as in the self-reliant and parentless world of his friend Huck Finn. The two enjoy a series of adventures, accidentally witnessing a murder, establishing the innocence of the man wrongly accused, as well as being hunted by Injun Joe, the true murderer, eventually escaping and finding the treasure that Joe had buried.

Huckleberry Finn recounts the further adventures of Huck, who runs away from a drunken and brutal father, and meets up with the escaped slave Jim. They float down the Mississippi on a raft, participating in the lives of the characters they meet, witnessing corruption, moral decay and intellectual impoverishment. --back cover

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Rapscallion romps

4 stars

Inspired to pick this up as a primer before reading Percival Everett's James.

Twain's writing breathlessly draws you along the intertwined story arcs for Tom and Huck with a flair for pace and effortlessly delivered cheek. The setting follows life along the Mississipi in the mid 19th century and is inescapably awash with reference and attitudes to slavery. These would not be the same stories without this ever present factor, and the reader may struggle to balance the pure joy of the heroes' exploits with how they themselves interpret the world as protagonists very much of their time.