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I read a wide range of books including Fantasy, Nature and Norse Sagas plus more

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Gathering Moss (EBook, 2021, Penguin Books, Limited) 3 stars

Gathering Moss is a series of personal essays introducing the reader to the life cycle, …

Gathering moss

3 stars

This book was ok but for me there was not enough in depth look at the science of the mosses and their environment also I started to feel that this book was outdated as it was written 20+ years ago now. I especially got this sense when there was a chapter about the Amazon rainforest but no mention of Temperate Rainforests that are equally or more rich in mosses (See The Rainforests of Britain by Guy Shrubsole) I got frustrated by the slamming of people that live in cities and the sense that there is no nature there; there is if you look and nurture it. I was also frustrated by the chapters that mentioned the past practices of gardening (usage of Peat Compost and moss linings to hanging baskets) but gave the reader no alternatives for what should be used instead just stated that these were bad things. On …