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Administrator of Rambling Readers. I'm a university researcher interested in transport geography, GIS and maps. In my spare time I love rambling in the coast and countryside around my home in Devon. Plus reading of course!

For work related chat you can find me at

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I've really come to appreciate the hard work of individuals that make the work by hosting and managing instances. As a big reader I really like so I can log all my books and reviews.

I've just financially contributed to the instance I use @ramblingreaders, run by @marcus, to show my support and to keep it going.

If you are a bookworm as well, do check them out, follow me at, and consider supporting them too!

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Perusing Rambling Readers is getting expensive. This is the second book I've bought this week after seeing reviews on Rambling Readers.

I recently read "Four Thousand Weeks" and was surprised that, although many of Burkeman's conclusions aligned with Stoic teaching, I remember no explicit mention of Stoicism in the text. It will be interesting to read this book and then go back and read "Four Thousand Weeks" again and see what changed in the nine years in-between.