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I mainly read sci-fi, mystery, some suspense/horror and the occasional non-fiction.


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@JigmeDatse I bought a copy for my family since I know we'll read it more than once, but you might want to borrow from a library to read first. For me personally, having the personal stories and visuals to go with the history I already knew was a very high impact but I'll be willing to read it again because it helps remind me that humanity should never forget the atrocities it relates. All that to say: It is very well done, informative, and moving, but for some folks it might be a "read once and never again" which could result in regretting a purchase.

Accidental Activist (2021, Blurb, Incorporated) 5 stars

This book will take you through my incredible four year quest for justice for The …

Working for positive change in the world

5 stars

This book is a great reminder that each of us have the power to make positive changes in the world. It also shows that unfortunately sometimes the path to justice is long and slow but we should ask try to do our part to move the journey forward.

Josh's decision to get involved after reading about the Groveland Four in college and then driving past Groveland helped ensure that pardons were issued. His action and passion helped inspire lots of others to help as well.

@mhthaung Thanks for the good review, I'm adding this to my want to read list since I like Vinge's longer form writing.

I read some of Vinge's work when I was much younger and enjoyed it, but lost track of him until i read Rainbows End in mid-2019. Since then I've been slowly reading (and in some cases rereading) through his books.

A Fire Upon The Deep from his Zones of Thought series had interesting concepts and storyline. Coincidentally, I checked out A Deepness in the Sky, the second book in the series, earlier today.

Fine (GraphicNovel, 2022, Liveright Publishing Corporation) 5 stars

Informative and moving

5 stars

An informative, caring ook at gender with input from many folks outside the male/female binary. I came to the book with some shallow understanding about all the varieties of gender and finished it much better informed.

This quote from near the end really resonates with me: "and wouldn't it be cool if we all just talked about gender the way that we talk about falling in love?

I wanna have a conversation about it.

Everybody falls in love-

-well, maybe not everybody but a lot of people-

-and in a lot of different ways, and it's kinda weird, and you can have conversations about it."