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Brit in Canada. I read when I can't sleep, so yes there's a lot of books here. Nearly all SF.


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36% complete! Stephen has read 18 of 50 books.

Andrea Pitzer: Icebound (2021, Scribner) 4 stars

More gripping than I expected!

4 stars

Considering there can't be many primary sources to read to support writing such a book on an-almost-half-millennium-old set of voyages, this is a great story. Some of the winter parts can get slightly repetitious "and then there was a storm, and then they ate another fox, and then.." but I'm sure that exactly reflects the dull nature of being icebound. William Barents himself isn't known too well in the sources, as he was mythologised a while after.

The author also adds variety by interleaving in explanations of scurvy or technology and trade levels, which helps.

Naomi Kritzer: Better Living Through Algorithms (Clarkesworld) 5 stars

Is this a happy story? Or not?

5 stars

Content warning Just read it first, it's super short

Terry Pratchett: Making Money (Discworld Novels) (2007, Harper-collins Publishers) 4 stars

The Ankh-Morpork Post Office is running like . . . well, not at all like …

Enjoyable but I feel I'm missing something

4 stars

Another enjoyable Discworld. But unlike The Truth and Going Postal, I just don't really understand the story. It doesn't have much tension in it, and certainly the bank does not the attention of the post office. Whereas a dog carrying a vibrator is the same joke in about four scenes.