Daniel Defoe's Rail Journey

A Surreal Odyssey Through Modern Britain

English language

Published Jan. 1, 2017 by Sandstone Press Limited.

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4 stars (1 review)

Two pensioners travel the railways of the UK accompanied by Daniel Dafoe and other historical characters.

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A surreal odyssey through modern Britain

4 stars

This book is sub-titled “a surreal odyssey through modern Britain” and that seems apt. On the surface it’s a record of how two retired Scots, the author and his friend John, rode every mile of all the railways in the mainland UK (and also on the Isle of Wight) but if that’s the book you’re looking for then this is not it. John is the railway nerd and it’s clear he planned the expedition and knows much about the railways, but of his knowledge you hear only passing references.

The author is on a rather different journey. For a start he engages with about 250 other passengers to discover their stories. That in itself would be interesting enough but there’s a surreal element overlaying this all.

For a start the two are accompanied throughout their journeys by Daniel Defoe, who keeps escaping from the pages of his book (and the …


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