Homer in English

357 pages

English language

Published July 6, 1996 by Penguin Books.

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4 stars (1 review)

1 edition

reviewed Homer in English by Όμηρος (Penguin Classics)

Good to find "new" Homer to read...

4 stars

I'd say it's not really what I'd hoped it would be, it was not really any "whole" thing from any author (as best I can tell). It does end up covering a huge range of Homeric (translations, rewriting, allusions) that might be interesting if you're looking for some version of Homer to pick up something to read.

It also is probably pretty good if you want to study the range of versions of Homer that are in English (I understand this is really a tiny sampling).


  • Homer -- Translations into English
  • Homer -- Parodies, imitations, etc
  • Homer -- Adaptations
  • Epic poetry, Greek -- Translations into English
  • English poetry -- Greek influences
  • Epic poetry, English