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Long time reader right from early childhood on. Can still remember what the Dewey Decimal system and card catalog files are. :) Mostly fiction, SF, historical, some military. Very limited horror.
Moved list from Goodreads early Feb 2023. Looks like I started using that in 2016. List is so not complete.

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reviewed A Thief of Time by Tony Hillerman

A Thief of Time (2009) 4 stars

A Thief of Time is the eighth crime fiction novel Joe Leaphorn / Jim Chee …

Darn Good

4 stars

Another very enjoyable Leaphorn and Chee adventure.

Edit: I should add that Leaphorn has an interesting path through this story that I really appreciated. And there's other thoughts that just don't seem to want be articulated on paper. td

The Past Through Tomorrow (1975, Berkley Pub. Corp.) 5 stars

Here in one monumental volume are all 21 of the stories, novellas and novels making …

I'm not sure how many times I've read the book over the years. So it must be time to start it again. The first two, Life-Line and The Roads Must Roll are from 1939 and 1940. The language and style are certainly from then. Think old black and white movie. Or remember that Star Trek episode where they went back in time to somewhere with gangsters and had to speak that lingo? This is it. I enjoyed both again and they speak to today as much as then.

Wasteland (EBook, Terry Tyler) 5 stars

"Those who escape 'the system' are left to survive outside society. The fortunate find places …

Wild, but unfortunately believable

5 stars

A sequel to the previous book Hope. Set a generation beyond Hope this is just as or more Grimm. The characters are interesting and not just one dimensional except when they really are. Corporations and govt and greed and humans being human. Sometimes hard to read . But again very well done and worth your time.

Hope (EBook, Terry Tyler) 5 stars

Terry Tyler's nineteenth published work is a psychological thriller set in a dystopian near future …

Yeah, I can see this happening

5 stars

I really disliked this book along the way of reading it. Had to put it down for a bit a few times. Not because it was bad, it’s not at all. But because it’s so chilling in describing a near future. Well Done

Red Team Blues (2023, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom) 5 stars

Martin Hench is 67 years old, single, and successful in a career stretching back to …

Go Team

5 stars

I really liked this. Imagine a 67 year old main character! With an old rock star tour bus. Who's an accountant. Lots of money, blocks, chains and keys floating around. And retirement.

Smoke and Summons (Paperback, 2019, 47North) 3 stars

As a human vessel for an ancient spirit, Sandis lives no ordinary life. At the …


3 stars

I finished it. But. won't go looking for the next in the series. The two main characters are not ones I warmed p to. I think this is more a YA book which I didn't see or pay attention to before reading. I had liked the authors Paper Magician books so thought I'd try this. Oh well.