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Reading habits of an Engineering Manager in the UK.

Love #tech, #productivity, #sideprojects, #scifi & #comedy

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Stephen Fry: Moab Is My Washpot (2004) 4 stars

Moab Is My Washpot (published 1997) is Stephen Fry's autobiography, covering the first 20 years …

My favourite quote from the first few chapters; “I’m not even tone deaf, that’s the arse-mothering, fuck-nosed, bugger-sucking wank of the thing. I’m not even tone fucking deaf. I’m tone DUMB.” (I do love an eloquent expletive rant from Fry).

reviewed Möbius 3 by Brandon Q Morris (Das zeitlose Artefakt, #3)

Brandon Q Morris: Möbius 3 (EBook) 3 stars

Drei Flüchtlinge auf einer Mission, bei der der Tod ein glückliches Ende wäre. Ein Auftraggeber, …

Disappointing climax

3 stars

Lots of character and plot development that concludes with a weak ending. After investing 3 books time, I’m left slightly vexed.