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reviewed Penguin Highway by Tomihiko Morimi

Tomihiko Morimi: Penguin Highway (2019, Yen Press LLC) 5 stars

Science kid and his friends face a penguin mystery

5 stars

Aoyama goes to an elementary school in a small, but rapidly expanding town, with its back towards a mountainside. Even though he’s just a child, he already made plans on how to become a full-grown adult. He decided, at the age of 5, to never get mad again. He’s always calm, calculating and disciplined, waking earlier than his parents or his sister. He’s busy every day with research projects, writing and sketching in his notebook, exploring the town with his friend Uchida, going to the cafe and the dentists’ office. It is in the dentists’ office that he first met “the lady” – a mysterious woman that eventually becomes a topic of his research, perhaps the most difficult research of his life. That is saying a lot, considering that one day Aoyama, along with his friends who join him later - Uchida and Hamamoto - decide to investigate a mysterious …

reviewed Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Cal Newport: Digital Minimalism (Paperback, 2020) 4 stars

Learn how to switch off and find calm.

Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling through …

Mostly accurate and helpful guide to reevalute your online and offline lives

4 stars

I think this book has a ton of valuable insights into how you can extract value from online services and improve your lifestyle, by setting rules in place about access to "new tech", recalculating if social media really gives you the promised value or have you fallen into its addiction trap, taking walks and getting bored again to boost creativity and many more. Everyone can pick up this book, read it, and start applying at least some of it's rules in everyday life, which I did too, and I think it's amazing.

However, some ideas presented seem to me like more of a hit or miss and a few come from questionable sources, like financial independence communities or religious groups. On top of that, I think social media giants aren't put through rigorous research and blamed enough. They know about what happens with users and choose not to act up …

reviewed Stolen Focus by Johann Hari

Johann Hari: Stolen Focus (Paperback, 2023, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc) 4 stars

Is your ability to focus and pay attention in free fall?

You are not alone. …

An eye-opening book showing how the modern world is making us addicted to the constant flow of information, turning us miserable and constantly distracted

5 stars

I think Johann Hari did a great job at researching and covering the topic of how the way we currently live in the modern world does a great deal of harm to our minds. We are addicted to the constant flow of information, miserable, often unable to focus on tasks and involuntarily reaching for our smartphones for the so much craved shots of dopamine. It turns out that it's not really an individual issue anymore. In part thanks to our consumerist society, social media giants, food companies, pharmaceutical industry etc. which all have a financial incentive to have the world this way + other environmental factors outside of our control, it's impossible to come out clean out of this mess. As the author states, there isn't a simple solution to this problem. However, there are still certain strategies and techniques that you as an individual can employ to stay happy, …