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reviewed Stolen Focus by Johann Hari

Johann Hari: Stolen Focus (Paperback, 2023, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc) 4 stars

Is your ability to focus and pay attention in free fall?

You are not alone. …

An eye-opening book showing how the modern world is making us addicted to the constant flow of information, turning us miserable and constantly distracted

5 stars

I think Johann Hari did a great job at researching and covering the topic of how the way we currently live in the modern world does a great deal of harm to our minds. We are addicted to the constant flow of information, miserable, often unable to focus on tasks and involuntarily reaching for our smartphones for the so much craved shots of dopamine. It turns out that it's not really an individual issue anymore. In part thanks to our consumerist society, social media giants, food companies, pharmaceutical industry etc. which all have a financial incentive to have the world this way + other environmental factors outside of our control, it's impossible to come out clean out of this mess. As the author states, there isn't a simple solution to this problem. However, there are still certain strategies and techniques that you as an individual can employ to stay happy, …

Tomihiko Morimi: The Night is Short, Walk on Girl (Japanese language, 2006, Kadokawa Shoten) 5 stars

"Then what of me, all alone? Neither waiting nor awaited"

5 stars

Carrying on the legacy of "The Tatami Galaxy", "The Night is Short, Walk on Girl" is yet another of Tomohiko Morimi’s masterfully crafted novels telling an absurd and magical story of a university student living a quite miserable life of his own in Kyoto. This time however, the story is told from two perspectives – one of our protagonist, and the other one of a black-haired maiden, the target of protagonist’s secret affections. There are many fantastical and bizarre things that happen to our couple throughout the book. Elements of witty humour, Japanese culture, total absurdity, amusing coincidences, philosophy and romance clash together to produce this beautiful novel. The city of Kyoto is described in great detail. Every character is an extremely fascinating individual with their own unique quirks, traits and problems, elevating the story and saturating its colours.

As our couple constantly cross paths with each another, a brave …

Emily Balistrieri, Tomihiko Morimi: Tatami Galaxy (2022, HarperCollins Publishers) 5 stars

A humurous outlook on student life, love and the choices we make

5 stars

Before reaching for this novel I watched the anime a couple of years ago (which is still one of my all-time favourites). Recently however, I wanted to experience the story again, so I reached for the original novel and I can safely say that it doesn't disappoint. "Tatami Galaxy" follows the many paths of a university student in Kyoto, who is on a quest for the ever-elusive rose-colored campus life. He is narcisstic and lazy, but an honorable person at heart. His student life quickly becomes a disaster, thanks to his predispositions and an evil fellow named Ozu. Even though he manages to somewhat succeed and find love, he can't let his past choices go and simply can't stop asking himself the question if it really had to be this way? Read the book to find out.