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It's not a hard and fast rule, but I read mostly non-fiction. In an attempt to unclutter my bookshelves, I re-read a lot of books I own in 2023, intending to cull the collection and donate a lot of books to Little Free Libraries; it didn't work... and I bought more books.

In 2024, I seem to be reading a lot of graphic biographies and just plain old comic books.

Theme parks. World's Fairs. Miniature buildings. Stereoscopy. Science and science history. History and non-fiction. How-to and maker books, and the occasional "For Dummies" book if I want to learn a specific skill. Sometimes, I scroll through the "Random" feature of Project Gutenberg for unusual e-books.

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John Stanley: Little Lulu (Hardcover, Drawn and Quarterly) No rating

Collects the humorous adventures of seven-year-old Little Lulu and her friends and family.

This is a collection of early stories written and illustrated by John Stanley. The artwork is particularly good, the writing is a lot of fun, but Stanley hasn't quite hit his stride as a writer yet. Very close, though.